Our innovations

Check valves

Proco Products‘ duckbill rubber check valves are a cost effective way to control back pressures in various industriesThey operate completely passively and require no maintenance nor any controls or manual assistance to performRelative to commonly used gate or flap type valvesthe rubber check valves are the industry benchmark for controlling back pressures.

Pinch Valves

Coming soon

Service & maintenance

Be in control of your assets. Our service engineers have the knowledge, resources and certificates to work brand-independently and guarantee optimal performance of your equipment. As a Partner, we guarantee that your equipment performs optimally and we provide independent advice on how to keep your equipment.

Refurbish / Renewal

It is often more economical to renew outdated equipment as opposed to replacing it. We provide a complete overviewenabling the end user to make economic decisions. The equipment can be renewed on location or in our workshop. We can receive the equipment, but also collect and ship it. This way we always offer the choice that suits best.


Plant Partner’s innovations are always supplied with understandable user
manuals and certificates, but we also offer the option of complete unburdening in the form of installation.
Our service technicians are customer-friendly and work according to agreement.
They have all the tools to install the equipment as efficiently as possible and to ensure optimal performance.


The unique innovations represented by Plant Partner are often unknown due to the fact that knowledge about specific (sub)processes is required to be able to apply the innovations.
To specify the innovationsyou can use our experience and count on the best application for your needs. We offer countless possibilities, but through our expertise count on best offer for you needs.